AVDH authentication step-by-step

Identification Based Document Authentication (AVDH) service enables you to electronically authenticate your documents and declarations, if you are a registered user of the Gateway Portal (“Ügyfélkapu”). The AVDH service certified pdf documentation sent via e-mail is equivalent to original documents and forms presented in person or sent via postal services to our offices.

AVDH enables fund members without an electronic signature, who previously submitted hand-signed documents in person or by post, to send authenticated documents to the fund directly by e-mail.

According to legal regulations, a significant part of the required statements can only be submitted with the signatures of respective members. AVDH certified documents are considered private documents with the same evidential value as the original documents, they “replace” the physical signature.

AVDH authentication step-by-step
  1. Please fill in the procedure specific pdf form and save it to your computer. Please make sure to fill in all the spaces with no exceptions.
  2. Authenticate your document via this page. Authentication is to be done exclusively by the legitimate signatory. If the procedure requires more than one signatory, each must authenticate the document separately. Please note, all certified copies en masse, will be equivalent to a document signed by all required parties. The authenticated document(s) can be sent to the Fund via e-mail.
    • Please, upload the Pdf to be signed to the AVDH interface (https://magyarorszag.hu/szuf_avdh_feltoltes)
    • Do not forget to select the "Authentic PDF" option and accept the GTC (ÁSZF).
    • Click the Upload button and enter your gateway (“ügyfélkapu”) username and password.
    • Click the download button in order to save the authenticated document to your computer. Please do not use the "Send by e-mail" option, as this cannot be accepted by the Health Saving Fund.
    • Verify that the authentication was successful: in which case, the AVDH stamp appears in the upper right corner of the form.
    • Please send the certified PDF(s) to: biztositas@patikapenztar.hu for insurance-related enquiries, ugyfelszolgalat@patikapenztar.hu for other customer enquiries. Make sure to specify the procedure type, your name and Tax identification Number, to speed up document identification.
    • We will inform you about the success of the administration via reply-e-mail.

If you are not yet registered on the gateway portal (“ügyfélkapu”), you can register free of charge at Integrated Government Customer Service Offices (“kormányablak”), Office of Government Issued Documents and at designated customer service centres of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary. Registration enables you to submit authenticated documents online, in a convenient and secure manner.

Should you have any questions, please contact our customer service by phone during business hours or by e-mail any day of the week.